Information about the company

Company Yellow Tyre Polska was founded in 2016. Our work is based on responsibility and consideration of the needs of our customers. We are a partner that helps you realize projects and develops solutions for you, that meet the ever-changing world around us. Our company has all the necessary licenses and competencies. The authorized capital of the company is more than 200.000 euros. The most valuable thing in a company is a team of professionals, as many will say. We also think so. And we have a great team of managers and drivers for achieving the best possible results in the transport of cargo

  • We always fulfill our obligations

  • We deliver goods safety and on time

  • We solve the most difficult problems

  • We offer the best solution for a non-standard situation

  • We react quickly to changing circumstances

Social responsibility

  • We consider social responsibility to be one of the most important components of our business. Life in modern society is impossible without responsibility for it, only realizing this we make the world a better place for those around us - our families, our friends and, ultimately, for all of us

  • The company encourages the efforts of employees aimed at increasing personal responsibility at work, developing in the professional field and increasing competence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and playing sports

  • The company's policy is aimed at constantly improving the working conditions of employees, strict observance of the work and rest regime, monitoring the implementation of AETR requirements, ensuring safety measures at work and decent wages

We care about the environment:

  • We use trucks only with 6 ecological class

  • We conduct training for drivers on eco-driving, improving their skills leading to fuel economy and emission reduction

  • We plan all transportations along the shortest route and reduce idle run

  • We provide safe recycling of production waste (used tires, used motor oils and batteries)

Our Markets:


Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus

Central Asia


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